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The Rex.

The Rex is an 1938 art-deco cinema based in Berkhamsted. Probably ‘Britain’s Most Beautiful Cinema’ as the quote goes. Being huge fans of this cinema ourselves, it was a pleasure to work on a new WordPress site for them, which integrates with their existing ticket booking system.

The website pulls all the films’ date and time data from a central resource, called Savoy Systems, which handles all the ticket purchasing and seat allocations behind the scenes.

It’s a nice example of how a third party ticketing system can integrate into a ‘standard’ WordPress setup. Each film that you see listed on the homepage is an individual ‘Post’ in WordPress, with its own Featured Image and Custom Fields populated with data from the third party ticket sytem. These fields within the individual posts (as well as the posts themselves) are automatically updated/deleted twice a day after the showings take place. This data is then displayed rather nicely on the front end of the website.

Check out The Rex website here