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Branding & Identity

After having a decent briefing with the client, we can make a start with the branding & identity process and start brainstorming ideas. We keep things pretty loose in the initial stages, so nobody gets bogged down in anything too specific, and hopefully come out with a number of different approaches for the new branding that we think are exciting and appropriate.

These ideas are then presented for discussion and review, after which it’s usually pretty clear what they like (or don’t like) and which identity concept is going to work best for their business. We then build upon these foundations, polishing it up as we go with a specific colour palette and a number of different formats for different occasions – such as the website logo, business card, or other printed materials.

Next Stages

This branding and identity process is usually the starting point for a whole new website design – so it’s always a great start to get the graphical concepts right, and then the elements from this feed into the online design strategy.

Of course there’s still plenty of people that come to us looking for a logo alone, or want some minor adjustments done to an identity that already exists. We’re happy to get involved at any level of the process, and we have the expertise to understand and adjust previously established brand guidelines when needs be.

If you have any questions about branding and identity design for your business, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. You can send us a message using the contact form here, or call us on 01442 386 211.

We recently completed this 1.2m wide print for a client. The 40th birthday gift contains 126 album covers that chronicle a ‘life in music’. Wonderfully thoughtful gift. Not sure I’d trust anyone to get mine right - too many guilty pleasures. #wallart
Hello Instagram Land, we’ve been away from you for a while, but we are back. Here’s a cool sweatshirt we made for @chilipeppers #peachy
The first run of 50 have arrived back from the printers, and the colours are amazing. We printed on a middle weight, white stock with a slight texture. Cannot wait to get everything else finished. Plenty more to do before we launch summer 2020.
We have four new prints available in the studio. Limited editions. Online soon. Full disclosure of the designs later this week. 
There is still plenty of good stuff available in our studio and online now. Link in bio #art
Jimi is in the window today. It’s an early 70s poster in pristine condition. Salvaged from a lock-up in Los Angeles. The photo is a portrait from the 1968 Electric Ladyland shoot. Those with a keen eye will notice that the image is flipped from the original. It’s a rare one alright! Framed and ready for a new home. #jimi #jimihendrix #hendrix
We had initially planned to put gold in the boxes around the text, but the customer who purchased the piece prior to the golding had another idea that, actually, compliments the piece in a more subtle way. It’s seems there is such a thing as ‘too much gold’. Who knew? #sold
I love goooooold
We’ve been adding some gold foil to this A2 skull print. Now available in the shop or online. It really packs a punch and catches the light in all sorts of wonderful ways. It’s a delicate process, that needs plenty of time to dry, followed by some light brushing to remove the excess. By building up multiple layers you get a textured finish that sparkles from different angles. #skull #gold #goldenskull #art #artprint #goldfoil
Two of the new prints we have for sale in the studio//gallery at Design House. These were designed and created by us, and available as a limited edition of 5 regular, and 1 hand finished, gold foil variant of each. The ‘Circus’ gold foil is still in progress at the moment. It’s quite a time consuming and very delicate process that requires multiple layers. So, trying to squeeze foiling time into a busy studio schedule is proving a wee bit difficult this month. 
A2 prints in black wooden frames.
420x594mm. Available online or in the studio.
Louis Prima A2 print, finished in gold leaf. A2 framed and ready to wrap/hang.
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