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Design House Studio - Website Design & Construction - The Rex Mobile

£399 + VAT/year

Our Managed WordPress Hosting includes:

  • SSL Certificate as standard
  • Daily backups of the website in case of emergency
  • Updates to plugins/themes
  • Updates to the WordPress framework
  • Debugging of the site, as a result of conflicts/errors from updates
  • Minor text & image amends
  • Conceirge advice service
  • Zoom tutorials by request

FAQs (as answered by William)

Yep, that’s right. Reasonable text and image amends to the website, are included in the yearly charge. Not bad. This means you can email me direct and say something along the lines of “Hey Will, can you change the telephone number on the contact page” or “Hey Will, Tim from HR needs his headshot switched” and I’ll be like “sure, no problemo”.

They key concepts here are “reasonable” and “minor” – and from experience, this is certainly not a problem. Most websites need a minor tweak here or there each month, whether it’s a line of text, or a little logo to add in at the bottom, or so and so’s email address has changed. All that kind of stuff is included.

If we’re talking about adding new pages, functionalities not already present, or the number of requests is getting out of hand, I’ll politely let you know and inform you of how long the additional changes are going to take. All additional changes to the site, beyond the minor amends, would be charged at the standard studio hourly rate – currently £62.50/hour + VAT.

That’s the best way I can think to describe it. You have my mobile number and my email, and as part of the yearly Managed Hosting charge, you’re welcome to pick my brain about anything and everything you have in mind for the website.

I’ve been building websites for over 20 years, so I have a pretty deep knowledge on a wide range of techniques and technologies. It’s an ever changing landscape though, of course, so it’s still a great pleasure to push out the boundaries and find cool new stuff. Whatever it is you’re having problems with, or thinking of exploring, I can be your sounding board, agony aunt, or wise web sage.

Oh yeah! I did lots of these, especially during the first lockdown. Great fun. I love it when a client feels confident with their own website, especially if they’re uploading new products, blogs or articles on the reg.

In order to help you feel more at ease with the day to day running of the WordPress site, we can arrange Zoom tutorials to help you learn a little more about how the whole system works.

That’s not a question. And actually, it’s not very expensive at all if you consider the additional help and advice you’re going to receive throughout the year, and the hours of time banging your head against a while that I’m going to help you avoid.

Website hosting, and especially website management, can be a MASSIVE pain in the ass. Whether it’s a broken SSL, or a buggy redirection, a page error or glitch in the Matrix. There’s all manner of annoying things that go wrong with websites, even on the best of days. The yearly cost we have here represents peace of mind, and a knowledgable pair of hands that’s got your back all year round.

No worries at all, if you don’t want to have us host your website there’s a million other companies out there that offer website hosting. Some of it’s CRAZY cheap, but also complete crap, so watch yourself a bit out there.

If you are looking for a more affordable hosting solution that still cuts the mustard, my top recommendation would be Flywheel, who offer some great packages for WordPress Hosting. You can check them out right here: Flywheel Hosting for WordPress