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Website Construction

We like to split our website construction into two halves, starting with comprehensive flat plans of the layout and website design, followed by a construction period where the plans are built into a working website. This adheres to the old saying “measure twice, cut once” which we love!

We discuss with you all the functionalities you’re looking to utilise, what you’re trying to promote, say, do or sell through the website, and disseminate this into a series of page designs (sometimes referred to as a sitemap) that we can go through and discuss together.

Once we’ve finalised all the flat plans and you’re happy with how they all look, we set about building the real website. As it comes together you’ll generally be given a link to our own server where you can test it out and see how the flat plans function in the digital realm.

It’s not unusual for us to make some adjustments when we see how things work at this stage, but generally speaking the site is built out exactly as planned. Once it’s been fully tested and polished up to perfection it’s launched!

WordPress & SEO

We build all our websites in WordPress – which is by far the most popular content management system used today. Allegedly WordPress powers nearly a quarter of the ‘top 10 million’ websites in existence today. It’s open source, which means there’s a vast amount of free information out there on how to use it. It’s incredibly malleable, so we get a huge amount of design freedom. It’s powerful enough to handle anything from simple portfolio sites to very busy e-commerce solutions. It’s also a doddle to learn how to maintain. At the end of every website project we always provide a tutorial session so that our clients know what they’re dealing with, and how best to keep their content up to date.

Search engine optimisation (or SEO) is something we offer to all our clients as part of a standard web build project, and we think we’re pretty damn good at it. There’s a lot of people out there offering dedicated SEO services, and if you have the money to burn it’s probably a fine way to spend it. We offer a very effective, but modestly priced SEO service that is more than enough for the vast majority of our clients.

Responsive Design & Hosting

The mobile experience is of paramount importance these days. All our sites are built with this in mind, and work exceptionally well on ipads/iphones and other smart devices. More and more people are talking about a ‘mobile first’ strategy with website design, and as powerful pocket devices become more commonplace, this is going to become far more standard. It’s exciting times.

We also offer server solutions to those who need them. We have our own server located in a data centre in Maidenhead, which houses a great many of our clients’ sites and is backed up daily by a team of pro nerds. If you need guidance on domain registration, email setup, and other dull things like that, we’re more than happy to help.

Website design and construction is an area where some people very feel quickly out of their depth – so if you have any questions about what it means to build a new website for your business, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. You can send us a message using the contact form here, or call us on 01442 386 211.


Many new clients come to us looking for a basic introductory web presence to get the ball rolling. Typically this would be a single page site, with a paragraph or two of text, maybe a handful of images, and some contact details or enquiry form. As with all new sites we’d mock this up in flat A3 plans first, get the design confirmed and signed off, and then build and launch the finished microsite.

Entry Level Websites 4-5 days = £1,600 – £2,000 (+ VAT).

A common project structure that we’ve gone through a number of times, is the ‘mid level company website’ which typically involves creating a 6-8 page site that showcases the services and expertise of a local business. The website would usually have profiles of individual team members, descriptions of services, as well as prominent calls to action. We’d expect to spend about 3 days in the flat planning stage before sign off, and then about 6 days building, optimising and launching the website.

Mid Level Websites 8-10 days = £3,200 – £4,000 (+ VAT).

Extensive sites with unique or advanced functionalities need to be planned more meticulously of course, especially if you’re going to be selling products or services online. We’d inevitably spend longer drawing out more extensive flat plans for discussion, making sure that all parties involved are confident in the outcome every step of the way.

Advanced & E-Commerce Websites 12-16 days = £4,800 – £6,400 (+ VAT).

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40% off everything. The shop is open Mon-Fri 9-5, and Sat 9-12. We’ve got some fantastic vintage posters from the 60s, 70s & 80s, imported from our contacts in Los Angeles, plus a whole bunch of A2 prints designed in-house by us. Please pop in and have a look, or check us out online.
We recently completed this 1.2m wide print for a client. The 40th birthday gift contains 126 album covers that chronicle a ‘life in music’. Wonderfully thoughtful gift. Not sure I’d trust anyone to get mine right - too many guilty pleasures. #wallart
Sean was up at @harrysboxingclub in Berkhamsted today hand rendering a wall mural of the logo he produced for them. #punchygraphics #terriblehastagskills
Hello Instagram Land, we’ve been away from you for a while, but we are back. Here’s a cool sweatshirt we made for @chilipeppers #peachy
The first run of 50 have arrived back from the printers, and the colours are amazing. We printed on a middle weight, white stock with a slight texture. Cannot wait to get everything else finished. Plenty more to do before we launch summer 2020.
We have four new prints available in the studio. Limited editions. Online soon. Full disclosure of the designs later this week. 
There is still plenty of good stuff available in our studio and online now. Link in bio #art
Jimi is in the window today. It’s an early 70s poster in pristine condition. Salvaged from a lock-up in Los Angeles. The photo is a portrait from the 1968 Electric Ladyland shoot. Those with a keen eye will notice that the image is flipped from the original. It’s a rare one alright! Framed and ready for a new home. #jimi #jimihendrix #hendrix
We have this fantastic, rare 1970s promo poster available for sale in the studio. We acquired it from a chap in LA who had found it in pristine condition, with a few other items from the same era, in an unused lock-up. Such a treasure.
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