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Temple of Mithras.

We had the unique opportunity to design a book that celebrates the restoration of the Temple of Mithras in London, a project undertaken by Paye Stone. This Roman temple, originally built in the 2nd century A.D. and rediscovered in 1954, holds a special place in London’s history. Dedicated to Mithras, a Persian god embraced by the Romans, the temple was a religious hub for Roman soldiers and merchants practicing the Mysteries of Mithras.

The temple’s initial location was on the east bank of the River Walbrook in Roman Londinium. However, due to subsequent urban development, it was moved in the 1960s. In 2010, with the purchase of the site by Bloomberg, a significant effort was made to return the temple to its original site. This meticulous restoration, overseen by Paye Stone, involved relocating the temple to a purpose-built space 7 meters below the modern street level as part of the Bloomberg European headquarters.

Our book aims to capture the essence of this historical and architectural marvel. It showcases the rigorous process of restoring the temple, including the intricate details of working with original Roman stones and bricks. The book reflects the temple’s historical significance, combining stunning photography with insightful text about the restoration techniques and the temple’s rich history.

We hope readers will find it not only visually striking but also educational, offering a glimpse into a past era and the dedication involved in bringing it back to life.

We were delighted to have been a part of this project. Digital design, websites and online marketing takes up such a huge part of our lives, it was nice to work on such a substantial piece of print design. We hope our work contributes to the appreciation and understanding of London’s rich cultural heritage. ​

If you’re interested in visiting the site in London, you can book tickets via Bloomberg SPACE right here.