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Nick Hastings Consulting.

Our journey with Nick started with branding. We wanted his logo to reflect the professionalism and expertise he brings to his consulting business. After some brainstorming and sketches, we landed on a design that hits all the right notes – professional yet approachable, just like Nick.

Next up was the website. We knew it had to be something special. So, we added an animated video intro featuring flowers coming into bloom. It’s not just a pretty animation of course; it symbolises growth and transformation, echoing the impact Nick’s consulting work has on his clients.

We went all out on the business cards, with gold embossing, for a nice conversation starter. A little reminder of the quality and attention to detail Nick brings to his work. We also rolled up our sleeves for some supporting print design. Just like the business cards, we focused on quality and consistency, ensuring his communication documents align with the brand’s image and tone of voice.

Working with Nick Hastings Consulting was a blast. We got to flex our creative muscles and deliver a brand and website that not only looks good but also resonates with his clientele. It’s all about capturing the essence of Nick’s expertise and presenting it in a way that’s as professional and insightful as the man himself.

We made sure Nick’s site is as functional on mobiles and iPads as it is on desktops. It’s all about creating a smooth and enjoyable experience, no matter where you’re browsing from.

Check out the Nick Hastings Consulting website right here.