GDPR Compliance and Data Protection

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Those pesky EU bureaucrats are at it again, poking their noses into our world wide web and trying to protect our personal data from being exploited by nefarious internet baddies. TYPICAL. It's political correctness gone mad I tell you! GDPR ...

The best way to run your email service

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We’ve been building websites for clients for well over a decade, and in the early days it was often the the case that we’d only work within the confines of a client’s existing web hosting provider, or set them up …

Blogging, Wow, much content - Design House Berkhamsted


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One of the more common questions we’re asked at the studio is: “should I have a blog on my website?”. To which I usually answer sarcastically: “do you have anything to say?”. This is often met with look of bafflement, …