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We’ve up rooted and migrated to London! Well, I have anyway…

It’s all been very exciting. I forgot how much fun moving house can be – all those boxes, utility amendments and mail redirections! Not to mention the compounded issues of finding a new school for our son, in the incredibly oversubscribed Borough of Haringey. BUT we’ve made it through to the other side in one piece, and now happily settled (with fully functioning internet) just south of the Crouch End Clock Tower. Crouch End is such a lovely area, and we’ve enjoyed visiting it for years, so we hope it’s going to be a great place to live, work and raise our son.

Offering Web Design in Crouch End

It’s also going to be great getting out there and offering our web and graphic design services to the people of Crouch End. In the medium to long term we hope to have a second Design House Studio setup in or around The Broadway, where clients can come and collaborate and hang out at a more leisurely, and creative, pace.

In the meantime I’m exploring different studio spaces, hanging out in cafés and hot desk hopping around Haringey! I’ll be taking meetings in and around the town, so if you’re local to Crouch End and would like to discuss anything to do with web design, graphic design, WordPress training, hosting or anything else in the digital design realm – please get in touch and you can show me where the best coffee’s at.

Design House - Web Design Crouch End, London

The Berkhamsted HQ

Sean, Jake and Megs are very much still stationed full time at Berkhamsted HQ, and will be heavily involved in all London based projects too. We’ve always felt like there’s a strange and interesting connection between Crouch End and Berkhamsted, with similar businesses sprouting up in both locations in recent years, and friends and family having moved from one to the other and back again. So if you’re local to Crouch End and want to come and hang out in leafy suburbs, that can always be arranged too!

See you in the hustle and bustle!