Active Hospitality

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CLIENT: Active Hospitality
SECTOR: Hospitality / Hotels

DEVELOPMENT: Branding, Print & Website Design

Gorse Hill hotel was recently bought-out by Active Hospitality to be the cornerstone of their new hotel management business. We were approached to rebrand the hotel and produce a variety of printed literature to use throughout the hotel, as well as for promotional purposes. The business and the brand is continually developing and growing (adding more hotels to their portfolio), and we are acting and brand guardians to keep all printed literature, and new branding items in-line with the business.

Villiers is the second hotel in the Active Hospitality arsenal, and we have been given the job of rebranding & updating promo items for the hotel. Again, a unified visual presence was required to help shape the future of this up and coming venue and hotel. There are a whole host of plans in the pipeline for this hotel and venue.