Janis Joplin Memorial Poster




Another found gem from our LA friend – this original 1970s Janis Joplin Memorial Poster, created by artist Joe Petagno III. He’s known for creating artwork for some of the world’s finest bands and musicians, like Led Zep, Motörhead, Ginger Baker and loads of other big names from the 70s.

Janis Joplin, of course, one of the most icon female singer-songwriters of her time, who tragically joined the “27 club” after an accidental heroin overdose in 1970. This memorial poster makes a lovely piece for any fan.


  • Black and White
  • Measuring in at 585mm x 870mm
  • Not a reproduction, this is an original poster from 1970s on stock paper.
  • Has been stored flat on cardboard and in a plastic sleeve. Never hung.

Near Mint Condition – The only thing we can see is little dimple caused from being poked from the back but didn’t break through the paper.

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