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Hey, you can paint on this page.

The cursor’s being tracked
There’s no going back.
With jQuery we print
a div to the dom,
a div to the dom.
Where did it come from?

You can paint up the whole of the page with paint! I say paint, it’s a div with rounded corners and a dark background. Just one colour at the moment, sorry, but perhaps I’ll revisit this idea with some additional colour options in future. A toggle button that turns the cursor into an eraser, and then allows you to get rid of the paint would be a good idea too I think. Turns your browser into 80’s MS Paint. Awesome.

I can’t think of any practical uses for this straight off the bat!! But it was a fun thing to experiment with on a Friday.

Sean think’s it might be fun if the page started as full colour (or texture) and as you move the mouse around the screen, it gradually reveals the page. Bit like a scratch card. But all you win is the page content. Boooo. Better luck next time.

Best wishes