William Jeffree


We often get the opportunity to work on more experimental and arty projects here at Design House, creating illustrations for bands, musicians and clothing labels. The mix of working with both corporate businesses and rock n’ roll clients allows us to be more versatile and creative in each area and develop our skills as designers.

There have been illustrations for Elton John, Ed Sheeran, Muse, and one for the cancelled Rolling Stones tour of Australia in 2014. Alongside these clients we also did some watercolour portraits of 90’s rock band Skunk Anansie for a poster and new designs for an up and coming streetwear company.


The Process

Generally we start these kinds of projects chatting with the client to get some sort of brief we can work to, then produce a few sketches and illustrations. Most projects will be coloured or edited on the computer in some way, before being sent off for approval. Once the client is happy with the artwork, we create a print-ready illustration, and in some cases we separate each colour for screen printing.

If you have any projects that require a handmade, or illustrative edge, please just let us know by contacting us here. We are always keen to pick up new clients and work on exciting and diverse projects.