Our Costs

Our Studio Rate is £400/day + VAT

We offer a completely free, no obligation, 45 minute consultation for anyone who’s curious about our services. Once we’ve had a decent chat and discussed all the available options, we’re usually able to give you an accurate idea of how much time will be needed for each of the tasks you’re aiming to achieve. Some clients come to us needing whole days, or weeks of our time, and sometimes it’s just a few hours! Regardless, we’ll put together a detailed estimate that confirms what’s required, the process we’ll be going through, and the estimated delivery dates so that we can all agree on costs before any work begins.

We work in branding & identities, website design & construction, print, illustration, 3D modelling and many other creative disciplines along the way. Below are some ballpark costs, based on projects we’ve worked on over the last five years.


Many new clients come to us looking for a basic introductory web presence to get the ball rolling. Typically this would be a single page site, with a paragraph or two of text, maybe a handful of images, and some contact details or enquiry form. As with all new sites we’d mock this up in flat A3 plans first, get the design confirmed and signed off, and then build and launch the finished microsite.

Entry Level Websites 4-5 days = £1,600 – £2,000 (+ VAT).

A  ‘low level company website’ typically involves creating or refreshing an existing 4-6 page website that showcases the key services of local business or club. The website would usually have a introductory home page, a description of services and an overview of the company. We’d expect to spend about 2 days in the flat planning stage before sign off, and then about 3-5 days building, optimising and launching the website.

Low Level Websites  5-8 days = £2000 – £3,200 (+ VAT).

A common project structure that we’ve gone through a number of times, is the ‘mid level company website’ which typically involves creating a 6-8 page site that showcases the services and expertise of a local business. The website would usually have profiles of individual team members, descriptions of services, as well as prominent calls to action. We’d expect to spend about 3 days in the flat planning stage before sign off, and then about 6 days building, optimising and launching the website.

Mid Level Websites 8-10 days = £3,200 – £4,000 (+ VAT).

Extensive sites with unique or advanced functionalities need to be planned more meticulously of course, especially if you’re going to be selling products or services online. We’d inevitably spend longer drawing out more extensive flat plans for discussion, making sure that all parties involved are confident in the outcome every step of the way.

Advanced & E-Commerce Websites 12-16 days = £4,800 – £6,400 (+ VAT).

Branding &  Print Costs

The branding process starts with some primary brainstorming and digital sketches. We work-up a first round of concepts and these are presented to you in PDF format. Usually, clients find something they like in the first developmental stages, and we move forward with one of the designs. We will work through a select number of amends with you and finish with an exciting, new logo. Available in whatever formats you require.

Branding Design 2-3 days = £800 – £1,200 (+ VAT).

This package consists of our Branding Design service (as above) as well as a full set of designs for stationery items including business cards, compliment slips & letterheads/invoices. We’ve noticed recently that clients tend to send most things electronically, so we can provide the letterhead/invoice elements for use in Word. Whether you require 50 simple, traditional business cards, or 2000 embossed, gold foil cards with raised spot gloss on a triple thick card, we pride ourselves on our ability to get your chosen items printed to the highest spec within your budget.

Branding & Stationery 3-4 days = £1,200 – £1,600  (+VAT)

Brand continuity is an extremely important aspect for your business. It’s easy to get distorted and lost across a range of products and printed items. Brand guidelines give you simple, clear instructions on how your brand should be perceived, the rules to stick to (and those that can be broken). We will create a bespoke, print ready PDF booklet that outlines your core values and tone of voice, that catalogues specific logo useage, fonts, typography, primary & secondary colour palettes, and imagery, as well as guides for stationery design, and any other printed literature. These days it’s also useful to have guidelines in place for how your brand should be presented online and across various social media platforms.

Full Branding Package from 6 days = £2,400 (+ VAT).

We love print. From A6 promotional invites, to tri-fold DL leaflets, from professional sales brochures, to 300 page perfect bound books, we will conceptualise, design and oversee the print of pretty much anything you need. Outlined below are our costs for the items we work on most frequently. Please do ask if there is anything else you’d like to discuss:

Flyer/Postcard/Invites £200 – £400 (+VAT).

Magazine Adverts £400 – £600 (+VAT).

Leaflets £600 – 800 (+VAT).

Brochures (8/12 pages) £1,200 – £1,600 (+VAT).

Brochures (16/20/24 pages) £1,600 – £2,000 (+VAT).