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We’ve been building websites for clients for well over a decade, and in the early days it was often the the case that we’d only work within the confines of a client’s existing web hosting provider, or set them up with a new account all of their own, walk them through the setup and billing details and let them go merrily into a future of IT uncertainty. It became abundantly clear very early on that this was WAY too confusing for the average client, so we starting providing our own web hosting solutions – firstly on a shared VPS, and then as time progressed we moved onto our own rack mounted server, which is full of great security features and is backed up daily by trained experts. This has proven to be a really nice and convenient solution for our clients, and it means the sites are always at our finger tips should we need immediate access for updates or emergency amends. Along with this web hosting service there has always been (until now) a standard IMAP email provision, powered by the same private server, available for our clients to use.

BUT, we have encountered an increasing number of problems with this as the years have rolled by, and these days the idea of running email from the same server as your website is considered a major no no – it hogs resources, isn’t secure enough for the modern age, and lacks the reliability that we’ve come to expect in the day to day running of a business. Also, as a lean and mean little design studio we simply don’t have the man power to support this as a service. Regular things like changing passwords, or managing the setup procedure for new users can be incredibly time consuming, and we don’t have the energy or inclination for that kind of activity.

Getting a truly professional email service

The good news is that these days there are some truly top notch, dedicated email service providers out there. No prizes for guessing who’s top of the list on this –  yep… that would be Google. What used to be called ‘Google for Work’ was renamed G Suite at the end of 2016, and includes loads of cool features to improve your workflow. We use their email service here at Design House, and can’t fault it at all. Go and check out G Suite here for the full rundown of what they offer.

Other clients have opted to go for Microsoft 365, as they’re very much in the Microsoft ecosystem already. Both are very reliable services indeed. If you’re interested in seeing a side by side comparison or getting the gist of the differences, check out this article by TechGenix that gives a pretty comprehensive run down of both email providers.

Leaving our server IMAP behind

It’s been a wild ride, but I have to say it’s good to know we’ll be leaving our server IMAP service behind. This is going to give us more time to focus on the day to day design and build tasks we enjoy the most – and give our clients far more control and confidence in their email. If you have any questions about transitioning from the server IMAP to G Suite or Microsoft 365, don’t hesitate to give us a call!